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Freedom to communicate

We offer innovative solutions in communications for our clients, from virtual VoIP PBXs, IVRs, Integration, Contact Center infrastructure, among others.


We develop Intelligence

For today’s integrated communications

Our team of software engineers create original apps and programs for our clients and integrate existing structures to provide flexibility and intelligence to business data.


Contact Center Revolution

Tools that evolve

PHLOX Networks turns your contact with clients more flexible by offering tools such as IVRs, interactive voice messages, automated polls, and contact center services with own staff.



Custom-designed automation

Besides VOIP, PHLOX Networks integrates structures and networks for real estate developments, both residential and commercial, to deliver Home Automation projects.


Our Areas of Expertise

We develop custom-made communication solutions for your business.

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PBXs, IVRs, among others.

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Contact Center

Infrastructure and services, automated or staffed.

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We provide original solutions, stand-alone or integrated applications.

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We combine systems and voice services to deliver business intelligence.

Our Services

Discover what we can do for your company to boost your business communications.



PHLOXBox is a virtual PBX, flexible and intelligent, that evolves with your company. PHLOXBox can be located In-House (in the client's server) or Cloud (in Fonoempresa's servers).

Unlimited extensions available regardless of phisical location, zero cost calls between extensions, customizable IVR, Voice Mail, email alerts, are some of PHLOXBox's features.



AuGe allows the automation of communication processes for Sales, Financial, Marketing and other Management areas. AuGe can be used to control almost any function where the interface can be broken down into a series of simple menu choices.

By a simple phone call to the system, AuGe starts an automated interaction with clients, employees or vendors, becoming a voice portal to access remote information, like billing or customer service, allowing the caller to enter information such as their account number or credit card details without the need for operator assistance.



PHLOX Networks brings integrated solutions for Call & Contact Centers, in client's sites or Cloud. From basics to complex, software or hardware, for new starups or current venues looking for a technological upgrade that evolves with their needs.

PHLOXCALL integrates tools such as Campaign controls, automated calls, agents management, supervision, call recording, among others. Our Consulting & Integration specialist Team will find the ideal solution for each client.



PHLOXempresa has a Software Development Team that allows us to provide innovative custom-built solutions for our clients, integrate existing structures, legacy platforms, among others.

The innate flexibility of PHLOXDev gives us the freedom and the strengh to create solutions without depending on expensive licenses or heavy implementations.

PHLOXDev's workforce speaks all programming languages, such as Java, HTML5, PHP, SQL, C, Python, among others.



PHLOXInteg is the integration of VoIP technology with clients' systems over state-of-the-art services to to get the most revenue of daily information generated by enterprise systems, interaction with customers and their level of satisfaction.

With PHLOXInteg all different operational platforms speak with customers, inquire about their satisfaction and turn those data into decision-making tools based on real time information.



PHLOXPoll is an IVR system designed fo automated phone surveys, both incoming and outgoing calls. PHLOXCall's technology allows the interaction between the end user with the system containing pre-recorded surveys, delivering accurate results directly to the database, for reporting and analysis.

PHLOXPoll is a tool developed for companies, both private and public, consulting and survey firms, who want to know more about their audience, users, and general public, through a simple phone call.



PHLOXXL is a set of tools for Marketing Management. Call campaings to fix and mobile phones, pre-recorded messages, SMSs, Whatsapp, are integrated in our Cloud servers or in-house datacenters.

Besides VOIP platforms, PHLOXXL brings Digital Marketing to a new level through Interactive Billboards, Digital Signage, Menuboards, and others.



PHLOXempresa offers Global Direct Customers Communications solutions. Debt Recovery, Telemarketing, Surveys and Customer Care are among our services. Our highly educated and strongly committed workforce speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Our Pillars are:
Confidentiality: We use a state-of-the-art system that provides highest data protection ratio.
Quality: Each member of our staff is carefully selected and trained, excellent in his job and a team player.
Feedback: We develop specific apps for each client, allowing PHLOXCCS to generate custom-made reports, with enhanced recommendations and consulting features.
Lower Costs: Based on our efficiency, variability, higher technology and advanced connectivity.



PHLOXHA is the integration of hardware, software, tools and Home Automation services, combining structures and networks for real estate development, both residential and commercial, for completely new buildings to renovations.

Some of the features PHLOXHA offers are Video Surveillance, Smart Keys and IP Video Doorbell, among others.

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About Us

In PHLOX Networks we work side by side with our clients, providing innovative services, reducing operational costs (communications, infrastruture, workforce, etc.) and quickly gaining access to new technologies, without major expenses.


The constant evolution in today's business communications are a challenge. Our mission is to connect and intercommunicate networks, software and data to create smarter, more efficient communications.
Our goal is to help organizations grow through interconnection; add value in communications and bring closer companies and people.

Our Performance

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  • Integration

  • Custom-made Solutions Deveopment

  • Customer Care


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